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Everything around us is energy. Thought is what drives the energy. There are no diseases. There is just wrong thinking. Diseases do not form all at once. I can see not only the already existing diseases, but the ones that are about to hit too. I can see how the colours are distributed, where the problem is and how to impact it. Something is leading me and I can’t explain it. What is interesting is that I do not see the person only as a body. What is important to me is what that person emanates, what the colours around them are. This is where I draw the information about their health. It is the period before the disease that is crucial though. People should not wait until they get ill. If people know about these things, they can protect themselves.”

For years on end Sevinch avoided sharing her experiences and she rarely used her healing powers to help others, apart from her closest people. With time however she started receiving messages that made her open up to people. She had a dream about her long-gone father who advised her to not keep her gift for herself. A turning moment in making her decision to start helping everyone who asks for her help is a dream where her father brought to her two stranger women for her to cure. When after a week those same women came to look for her help complaining of those same ailments, Sevinch made up her mind. She has been helping everyone who has come to her with their pain, aches and problems ever since.

This gift that has been given to me is here to help those who suffer. Sometimes some truly bad people have come to me too, and I have wondered if I should help them. They need twice the help those people, so that they are shown the right way; so that what is good and what is human comes back to them; so that they can find themselves, come to their senses and become good again.”

A long time has passed since then. Her gift has evolved through the years; her dialogue with the power has become more intense, and it sometimes comes out in unexpected ways. The power provides strange and often inexplicable signs of its presence around Sevinch. One of the ways in which it displays itself and that is impossible to explain is the appearance of coins around Sevinch.





Small change and one-lev coins inexplicably appear in the most amazing places, most often on Sevinch’s body, under the bed covers, sometimes in the shape of a triangle. The first coins started appearing in year 2000, on November 16, 17 and 18. Every morning, coins at the amount of 25 stotinki (25th is the day of the month on which Sevinch was born) would start popping out. One of the coins dated from 1974 – the year of Sevinch’s engagement.

Year 2000 is of special importance to Sevinch. It was then when she started receiving various signs. A cross appeared on her right cheek. It was then again when she received her first message to human kind. Coins still continue to appear today at different times and places. The total amount is currently over 50 levs.

Most frequently, the coins appear spontaneously and unexpectedly, but sometimes Sevinch succeeds in calling forth their appearance through yearning and power of mind. Some people call this phenomenon “materialization”. However we call it, the appearance of coins from nowhere is a fact that awaits its explanation.

On the morning of 16 November 2006 I found coins of 2, 10 and 20 stotinki under the bed covers arranged in the shape of a triangle. That was weird because there was nothing on the bed the evening before. The coins pointed east, west and north. Later I got to learn that it was the triangle of salvation. The countries within that triangle will not suffer any serious natural disasters in the future. I could see that Bulgaria was within that triangle too. We observed the coins, took pictures of them and tucked them away with a prayer and gratitude. On 23 February 2008, a Saturday evening, three new coins appeared next to me, of 50, 20 and 5 stotinki, arranged in a triangle. The legs of the triangle were again pointing east, west and north. A third triangle with the same position appeared again on 23 November 2008.


Sevinch’s children and husband have become almost accustomed to the unusual things that take place around her, ranging from the inexplicable movement of objects, the appearance of coins, through to her contacts with deceased people and her prophetic visions.






Near the village of Nova Mahala there is a place called Evliya Baba. We know from our forefathers this to be a holy place. A saint lives there that not everyone can see. The legend tells us that it is this saint who has protected our village from calamities. A small house has been built on that place for the saint. Close to the house there you can see the track of a large rock. People say that this is the step of the saint. Every year, on 6 May, people go there to pray for good health.On 2 May 1995, I had a vision of that saint. He told me I needed to go and clean the place. I saw myself going there together with my neighbour to clean the place, but we somehow got the way wrong. We have been there many times, but that day we lost our way. We came back, we found the right path and we reached the place.

We cleaned it well, read prayers and came back home.
I did what the saint had told me to do. In a few days, I had a vision of the same saint who was taking me, together with my grandfather, to a place very high in the mountains. It is from that high place that I got to reach the huge Light of God. This is when I realized that God is an enormous, all-encompassing light, and that this is where my power comes from.”

On 8 April 2006, I saw that the mother of my son’s girlfriend was going to die. I could see it with great precision. In the morning I told my husband about what I saw. He called our son who lives in Spain and told him what I had seen, and that he and his girlfriend had better come back to Bulgaria. My son called from Slovenia to tell me they were on their way home. They had left the day before. They had spoken to the woman who felt well and was getting ready to welcome them. By the time they reached Sofia though, she had already died. They could not see her in her final hour. We all went to the funeral on the next day.”

Sevinch’s visions always come true – sometimes faster, sometimes slower. The information about individuals or countries, natural disasters, or future changes is always very precise. These visions have never misled her; therefore, she manages to help a lot of people.




Sevinch talks about her contacts with what is beyond with calm and a sense of habitualness. She believes dead people are around us and they often send us signs. During her contacts with them, she receives help and support in solving various issues of life, processing various warnings and information on a range of subjects. Sometimes ghosts look out to make contacts with their living loved ones and need their support and prayers.

One evening I was visited by the spirit of my aunt. We had already gone to bed when the bell rung twice. I knew it was her, but we did not open the door. She appeared in my dream and told me her house was flooded. She showed me where her clothes were so that I can let her relatives know and take the clothes away so that they don’t get wet. In the morning I called her daughter. She was very surprised. Even more so when I told her where her mother’s clothes were. The previous night the basement had indeed gotten flooded, but the clothes were still dry. I warned the daughter to move them to a drier place so that her mother’s soul could be at peace.”

“In May 2005, I had a surgery operation done in Plovdiv. On the second day after the operation, my uncle appeared in my dreams. He had died as far back as 1970. He showed me which blood vessel was bleeding drop by drop. I shared this with the doctors, but they did not believe me. My condition was getting worse, and after the examination it indeed turned out that I had an internal hemorrhage.
While I was ill, I had a vision of Virgin Mary. She was also lying in a bed, her hair held up just like mine. She was looking at me with pain in her eyes. She told me I was not going to be well. For twelve days I was in a very bad state. She came back to me on the twelfth day. I was looking at her rising from the bed, wearing a long white dress. She circled my bed and sat by my side. She showed me I was going to be alright. After that day, my condition got much better.”