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Thoughts and predictions

                                   June 2010

The children, the future and the myth of 2012

One winter day in the end of 2009 Sevinch's family was blessed with a happy and heartwarming event that brings joy and hope into people's life. A beautiful and healthy baby boy was born. He was named Eren. Sevinch is still young and energetic, and yet she became a grandmother. She accepts the news in a typical manner - with self-controlled joy, a sense of responsibility, and considerations for future.

The arrival of Eren posed many questions about the future, but this time in a very personal manner. What will be the world that we have created, and what will be our legacy? Are we living in peace or war, in abundance or deprivation? Are we having the benevolence (or fortune) of our planet for Eren and the children of his age? Is there any future for the Earth?

Sevinch looks ahead with courage and grim optimism. Difficult years are lying ahead of us. The humanity will face many hardships and some of them are already here. People have made a lot of mistakes. We haven't taken good care of our home, the Earth, and now we'll reap what we've sowed with our irresponsibility. We are witnessing the changes in climate - drought and floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, sudden deviations in temperature. The Earth is damaged and restless, and we suffer along with it from illnesses, stress, insecurity and blurred perspectives.

Many people are worried by the prognosis about the end of the world in 2012, and there are reasons for it. However Sevinch sees different future.

The end of the world is not coming in 2012. However, the Earth is suffering, and therefore, changes will follow. Its illness is spreading slowly just like the illness in human body. The symptoms will become more severe, there will be drought, floods and earthquakes. The process has already kicked in. We are witnessing great cataclysms. In the recent years for hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti and Thailand the end of the world is already here.

The years after 2012 will be very difficult. Some countries will sustain great damage, but Bulgaria won't be affected that much. The world will face severe ordeals and the changes will be huge. The water, the air and the earth will be more valuable than money. These days people act as if they are blind - they strive to earn money without caring about the consequences. The covetousness of people should cease. People will be urged to turn to themselves by their way of living and start searching for new paths. This will change their way of thinking.

People should take steps to prepare themselves. Now they live as if in a dream, although they cannot sleep. They don't know what to change. What we need is an inner change, a change of our way of thinking, of our attitude. Everything will start from there. People will be different, more spiritual and concerned. Our spiritual path will change our relations.

There are teachers and spiritual people, but there are also many impostors among them. There are too many false teachers, but all the anguish and all the suffering will change the world. People will be guided by hope. There will be a new era, a new birth, a new beginning.


About Bulgaria

People will keep on migrating to big cities. The centralization of livelihood in the big cities is a mistake. The authorities should do everything in their power to provide a better life in smaller towns and villages. This should become a priority in their policy.

Bulgaria won't  be affected by the cataclysms as much as some other countries. However, there will be a lot of changes. It would be good for the people to start looking for homes in high altitudes.

In 2010 there will be abrupt changes in weather - from hot weather to hails. It will be a year of contrasts - hot and cold, with a lot of hot days. There will be sudden and violent hailstorms. It would be better for the producers to insure their production.