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These are some of the opinions about Sevinch that people have written in the numerous notebooks that Sevinch and her family keep in their home.

Sevinch, everything you say, happens. Little by little, but it does. Your warmth, the benevolence with which you welcome us you should pass on to the people that come to you. The words that you say are long remembered and remain through time. Preserve your energy so that you can help people. Be alive and well and always as accurate as now.

N.P. Stara Zagora, 20 January 2007


After my session with Sevinch, I feel like flying. I have incredible strength; some warmth in my head; some freshness; and epiphany. There is no trace of the fatigue and the stress. An incredible diagnostician. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

E.P. Plovdiv

The reason why I decided to look for Mrs. Sevinch was a dream that I had. I dreamed that I was in the town of Batak. A blonde lady had driven me to town with a red car. She told me that a few kilometers from Batak there was a person living the life of a saint. “That person will help you with your knee and your gastritis.” My impressions of Mrs. Sevinch: 1. She gave me confidence in my own powers. 2. Her words had a fateful sound about them. 3. She gave me a precise diagnosis of my psychological and physical condition. And most importantly, she taught me to have faith in God, to pray and to be grateful.

S.S., Sofia, 11 March 2007

Sevinch comes from far away, from very far away. From a place where we are and we can be. She is pure love in the kindest of shapes, and I am endlessly grateful for having touched that never ending love.


I came to Sevinch in a very bad state. My blood sugar was at 18, and I had pain in my stomach. After a few sessions I started feeling much better. My blood sugar levels dropped down to 4.5. I feel peaceful and in a much better shape.

G.T., Pazardzhik

This has been my second visit to Sevinch. I am simply amazed. She knew about everything in my life. She knew about my health, my family, my studies, my job. She gave me a session. I saw a field of flowers and then I felt like new. Let Sevinch always help people. I bow to her abilities. With love and respect,

N.S., Plovdiv District, 6 December 2008

During a day off in January, my family and I decided to visit Mrs. Sevinch in Nova Mahala. I was feeling very tense from my job. I also had health issues. When I came back to Sofia, I bought absolutely everything that she had prescribed, and I started treating myself. In the middle of March I visited my GP. When she examined me with the echograph she found out that the right cranium of my liver was reduced by 2 cm and she asked me what I have been taking. I did not tell her the whole truth because I was not sure how she would take my visit to Sevinch. My doctor simply said, let’s go on the same way. She said that for the first time in the ten years that she had been examining me she had not seen my liver in such a good shape. I am exceptionally pleased with this magnificent woman.

V.D. Sofia

I went to Sevinch with a friend of mine in January 2008. I was very doubtful of the fortune-teller types. When Sevinch took my hands, she blushed and told me I was going to have many problems with my back and would be in a lot of pain. I did not really pay attention to that at the time and took her words with suspicion. In June 2008, I had a very severe car accident and went through a heavy back surgery operation. That was when I remembered Sevinch from Nova Mahala. This has been my second time here now, but I am already filled with trust in the abilities of this saint of a person. With love,

M.G., Petrich, 7 December 2008

My wife and I were separated for about four-five months. At the end of January 2009 we came back together. I had fallen into deep depression; I was suffering from bad nerves and could not sleep. A friend of my wife’s took her to Sevinch. Without telling me that she went there, she just mentioned to me that she knew Sevinch. Something inside of me urged me very strongly to go there. I had never been to a place like this before… Sevinch was looking at me and was practically X-raying me. She was telling me what my illnesses were without me having to say anything. This has been my fourth time here ever since. The change in me is enormous, both mentally and physically. I cannot describe the feeling that my meetings with Sevinch leave me with. She saved me. I don’t know how, but I know that I feel like a new person now. With gratitude and respect,

N.S., Sofia, 25 April 2009

Before my session with Sevinch, I felt like crying. I don’t know why. My father started crying too. That really surprised us because he is otherwise a very self-contained person. When I saw him crying, I realized that my excitement was not stemming from my argument with my mother, but from this lovable woman, Sevinch. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I am very happy to have visited this kind and good woman and her family.

E.S., Sofia

I came to Sevinch complaining of headache, vertigo and weakness. After just a few sessions, I felt very calm. I have been to a lot of doctors that have always prescribed strong medication to me that did not have any positive effect whatsoever. Sevinch’s sessions did a great job though. I have turned into a new woman.

S.S., Nova Mahala


Prof. Kaykov, Psychology Professor at the National Sports Academy - Sofia

“Sevinch can help people and influence them with her biofield. She restores the energies in the body, curing various diseases in this way. Psychological and physical agility is enhanced. One starts feeling healthier and happier. Influencing energy channels and certain points in the body is known from Chinese traditional medicine. Sevinch’s skills are at a very high level and her abilities have been growing. She is only about to predict many important things about Bulgaria and the world.”


Research Design

Because of the skepticism regarded with these types of abilities, the influence via “energies”, and the usage of these “energies” by some professionals, e.g., physicians, biophysicists, physicists, etc., a very careful approach was adopted to the preparation of this research.

1. Amongst the people, engaged in this research, there were others that had relevant medical documentation (incl different results from preliminary medical checkups, epicrisis, doctor’s assessment, etc.), which confirmed the presence of corresponding disease.

2. After the procedures, performed by Sevinch, it was taken into consideration the personal assessment of the patient about the alteration of his/her health condition. It was either both recorded and signed by the patient or it was orally delivered to the people who carried out the research.

3. After the end of the procedures, the medical examinations, or some of them, were performed anew. The purpose of these was to assess the presence of alteration (or the lack of it) of the indices of health condition, which had shown deviations from the relevant reference values after the first set of medical examinations.

Algorithm of the patient’s examination
Each case is approached in a specific manner; still, there are certain compulsory elements that form a definite algorithm. 1. An acquaintance with the characteristics of the complaint via the account of the patient. 2. Estimation of the condition of the patient. The information about the condition of the patient and the determination of alleviation of the suffering is received by Sevinch through the medium of several channels:

This is a subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds the whole body of each person. Its width is different with everyone. It varies from 1-2 sm. to 25-30 sm. It can be “seen” by the person who makes diagnoses.             

Each human body has its own radiation. It spreads up to 20-25 sm. aside and coincides with the energy field of a person. Sevinch perceives this radiation through her hands and eyes and uses it as diagnostic index for the condition of one’s separate inner organs, their functions at the moment of the examination, and so forth. 

НMost frequently, Sevinch feels the pain in range analogous to the one of the patient, and, usually, its strength is proportional to the one felt by the patient.
With mentally diseased people, Sevinch feels their fear and tension. She also sees their radiation, which is grey and has the shape of a ball. According to her they have a lot of negative energy due to their pessimism. Thus, she feels and perceives their condition and draws conclusions about it.

Procedures, aiming at improving the condition of the patient
1. Bio-energy effects
Sevinch senses the presence of “energy” within her. It has the quality to influence the function and structure of tissues whenever it is aimed at them. Initially, Sevinch directs this “energy” through her eyes. The thought also plays an essential part in the energy transfer. Usually, the energy is targeted, redirected and concentrated on the body of the patient via the power of mind. In this particular moment Sevinch does not feel her own body. 
2. Purification of the body system from the toxins
In this case the term “toxins” has a general meaning. The purification of the body system is accomplished in different ways depending on the person and his/her state of health. For the purpose of removing the toxins, Sevinch suggests use of natural bio-products, which could be raw, heat treated, or infused for tea.             
3. Herbal therapy
4. Suggestions for observing a specific nutritious regimen
5. Suggestions for changing some elements of one’s way of life
6. Other procedures
It is possible the use of all types of effects in specific order, or some of them, depending on the particular case. The number and continuation of the procedures also depends on the patient. The requirement of strict compliance with the suggestions, given by Sevinch, is also part of this research.
ІІ. Predictions
The predictions are variable in their level of social significance. They could be ordinary problems of one individual or refer to processes concerning a great number of people. By nature, they might refer to a change in one’s personal life, health, job, prosperity of one individual or a whole company, political events, catastrophes, and natural disasters. In geographic range they are global.
According to Sevinch the information about future events is received involuntarily. She does not think about them in advance, e.g., she does not think about the possible scenario of development of a particular political process. The information “appears in her head” as “a picture”. This process does not take place during the sleep. The time between the moment of the “appearance of the information” and the moment of happening of the event varies – from hours up to years. In some cases she receives the sensation of being a watcher and even tries to interfere, but, usually, without success.
In order to achieve objectivity in the predictions, we decided to approach the matter in the following manner: whenever there was an appearance of information about any future event, it was described in a special notebook. The description included the characteristic of the event, the time and place of its occurrence, the possible participants, and other specifics of the event. Then, it was followed by Sevinch’s signature. At the end of each month we made three copies of the last page of the notebook, which were handed out to the participants in this research.
In accordance with the time that preceded the possible event, we divided the predictions in two groups – of short duration (up to 5 months), and of long duration. This division was adopted by the team on the grounds of the general continuation of the whole research.
After the expiry of the corresponding date, there is a comparison between the occurred event and the relevant prediction, in which case, we assess whether or not there is such an event, as well as the degree of concurrence between the prediction and the reality. In order to obtain a quantitative assessment, we introduced the concurrence quotient. It is formed as the sum total of the assessment of four different components:
а) presence (0,25) or lack (0) of event, which is similar in its characteristics to the predicted event;
b) concurrence (0,25) (or lack of concurrence (0) in place;
c) concurrence (0,25) (or lack of concurrence (0) in time;
d) concurrence (0,25) (or lack of concurrence (0) in range.
Thus, if there is a complete concurrence, the quotient equals 1, i.e.
         PREDICTION = 1 =  REALITY
With the rest of the occasions the quotient is less than 1, i.e. various degrees of coincidence between the predicted event and the event that occurs in reality.



“24 Hours”, July 14, 2009

“The attack against the TwinTowers in NY was an omen for the economic crisis.”

“The attack against the World Trade Center and its collapsing was a warning about the world economic crisis. God gave us a hint what would follow after the downfall of the financial buildings. If we had understood this sign and had started putting our lives in order with our souls, not with our covetousness, we wouldn’t have reached to this point. From now on we are entering upon a very long and difficult stage. People will have money but won’t be able to buy anything with them. The wealthy ones reckon they have it all, but people are starving and will start taking away from them. Some will be overwhelmed by the hardships, but others will rise spiritually above them. It depends on us how we are going to come out of it – more spiritual or defeated.”These words belong to Sevinch Balakcha from Nova Mahala, who is a healer and prophetess. This is how she sees the times to come, when she peers into the future from her house, perched on the hills of the Rhodopes. The fortune teller advises people to settle to places with higher altitude… She advises everyone to be patient and humble. She inspires us with hope by saying that no one should be afraid of tomorrow


“24 Hours”, January 05,2009

The prophetess Sevinch from Nova Mahala:
“The year of 2009 will be turbulent, but not so bad.”

“During 2009 the world will face natural cataclysms, unrest and earth quakes. However, they won’t be that severe in Bulgaria. There will be droughts and floods. Hard times are lying ahead of many people. There will be a necessity of helping the poor and the ones that suffer. People shouldn’t be afraid of the future. They need to believe in themselves, to rise above all and enjoy what they have.There will be changes in Bulgaria at all levels. The year of 2009 will be turbulent, but not so bad. People are changing gradually to the good, but not all of them. So, may them be more patient.”

“Zname”, ed. 233, December 7, 2007

Sevinch – the prophetess of the Rhodope: “The axis of the Earth has changed. We’ll find salvation in keeping our culture, traditions and customs.”

“The axis of our planet has changed its position. The global climate is about to change. We must be prepared for sudden floods, typhoons, summer heats and tempests. From now on, this is the way it’s going to be. The balance on the Earth has been violated by insidious felling of trees and pollution. If we don’t stop, nothing good will come out of it. I foresaw this on February 2, 2007,” she says. “I’ve been ordered to pass this message to the people. We must be prepared for sudden changes and natural cataclysms. Bulgaria is amongst the countries that won’t sustain any serious damages. But it doesn’t apply to the United States. They will be struck quite a lot. After years Siberia will be the best place to live. Its climate will be most favorable,” says Sevinch.I met Sevinch for the first time in August 2006. She is a middle-aged woman, with a kind look in her eyes. She emanates tranquility and confidence. She is a Muslim, who has a cross on her cheek that appeared overnight. Many people have received help from her and strength to continue living.The phenomenon “Sevinch” has intrigued Full Prof. Dimitar Kajkov, D. Sc., who teaches psychology in National Sports Academy. He has undertaken to write a book about her abilities. A year ago, in an interview for “168 Hours”, he said, “Sevinch is yet to begin predicting a lot of important things about Bulgaria and the whole world.”


“24 Hours”, December 9, 2007

“We are facing cataclysms, but Bulgaria will remain intact.”

A year ago three coins appeared for the first time under the sheet of Sevinch. They pointed East, West and North. The prophetess says that this is the triangle of salvation. According to her there are fearful cataclysms yet to come. “Three seas will unite in one, and many lands will remain under the waters. Whole countries will perish. Those which are situated among the angles of the triangle will survive. Bulgaria is amongst them.” …People are not ready yet to know the whole truth. She claims that the hard times have already started. The limit is in 2012. Sevinch believes that she needs to send the message to the people and help them to preserve themselves…The Muslim, who is an ex-teacher and granddaughter of an imam-healer, has been receiving her visions of the future for 32 years. Many professors are making researches on her abilities and observe the occurrences in Nova Mahala, which is 5 km away from Batak…Years ago a vision took the 52-year-old Sevinch in a dark, closed room. A girl with dark hair and heel-length garment appeared before her. She held a white book in her hands. “I looked through the pages, but the language, in which it was written, was not similar to any known language,” says Sevinch. There were just figures and signs. “Hard times are about to come, Sevinch,” said the girl, “and this book is about the past and the future of the planet; it holds the cure for all illnesses.”Before the local mayoral elections the candidates took turns to ask her about the vote. Even people from the Electoral College pulled her aside to test her gift. “Peter Paunov will win in Batak; Ahmed Hadjiski will become the mayor of Nova Mahala,” said Sevinch. “This is not true,” they answered with a smile, “there will be a ballot.” When they opened the urns in the evening, they realized that the fortune teller was right. According to the prophetess, the next prime minster of Bulgaria will be Boiko Borisov.

“Maritza”, Plovdiv, May 13, 2006

The inheritress of Vanga: “Libya will free the nurses. New floods and earth quakes are about to come.”

“Our nurses will return home, but Bulgaria will pay a great deal of money about it.” These are the words of Sevinch Balakcha from a small village in the Rhodopes, called Nova Mahala. For more than 30 years the ex-teacher has been receiving visions and signs, which come true with an extraordinary degree of accuracy. Her husband Basri Balakcha, a forester, has recorded her prophecies by date and year. In the beginning he was frightened and shocked by the oddities that happened to his wife. Gradually, he realized that whatever she had said indeed happened. People from their village have also witnessed Sevinch’s gift. She could predict the exact events concerning the life in the village. She also has the ability to heal with her hands. She has alleviated the pain of many friends and fellow villagers. The residents of Nova Mahala claim that Sevinch does not seek fame or money. Her family lives a humble and quiet life. “The things I see make me talk. I have the necessity to speak and warn people about the calamities yet to come,” says Sevinch.


“24 Hours”, August 5, 2006

Sevinch had sensed the death of the children in LimRiver.

April 4, 2004. In the house of Sevinch and Basri Balakcha in the village of Nova Mahala in the Rhodopes, near Batak, the birthday of their daughter Moazes is celebrated. Everyone is sitting at the table talking. Suddenly the girl is startled, “Mom, the flowerpot is moving by itself!”
“The flowerpot moved up to the centre of the room leaned to one side without breaking, and a dustpan full of soil spilled out,” recounts Basri. The 52-year-old Sevinch says, “Don’t touch anything.” Then she utters, “Young people died somewhere. Our relative will die too.” In the evening the family heard on the TV that twelve children had died near Lim River at the same hour as the occurrence. Not long after that, the woman’s father passed away too.Sevinch, whose name means “joy” or “love” in Turkish, has been living her whole life in the village of Nova Mahala, 5 km away from Batak. There are 800 houses, and people there earn their living by tailoring and timber industry. She has worked as a teacher in the local school.There are other strange things that happen to the Muslim for years; coins appear on her skin. This happened for the first time in 2000. One morning she found 20 and 5 stotinka coins under her body in the bedding. The same thing happened the next morning. The following morning she found different coins. They were minted in 1974. Recently, while she was undressing, her daughter noticed a coin, stuck to the skin above her navel… The coins continue to appear on different places. Sevinch believes that this is a sign for something which she hasn’t unraveled yet.






„Sevinch” - directed by Valentin Gonevski, BNT Chanel 1, 2007

„Sevinch Balakchi”- directed by Snejana Dimitrova, Chanel 3, Studio „Devia”, 2007