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This is a story about Sevinch Balakchi. In Turkish SEVINCH means JOY. When you meet Sevinch, you know that you have touched something real. Her life, her essence and the sentiment that she leaves you with all comprise a joyful feeling of hope, tranquility and future.

Sevinch has been aware of her power all her life, and she has been conversing with it. For years she did not share her experiences and her clear presentiments about what the future would bring. She lived the life of a wife and a mother together with her family, her children, her house, work and garden. The awareness that she can clearly see events before they have happened, see people, their problems and destinies, was both bothersome and exciting for Sevinch. But the power helped her make better decisions and take better care of her family.
For a long time she used her skills to help friends and relatives. As a “modest and temperate person”, Sevinch did not advertise her powers. More and more people started looking for her though. Her house in the quiet village in the Rhodopes in Southern Bulgaria became frequented by strangers looking for help and advice.


“Sometimes I sit and listen to the birds, and my daughter Mouazes asks me: “What are you doing?” I am trying to understand what they are telling me. If you want to understand something about yourself, you simply need to look around and your question will be answered.”



Sevinch and her birth place are intermittently connected. The Rhodopes with all of their softness, breadth and spaciousness. The purity of nature and all the energies that live up there, in the high. Looking at the world from this height. The beautiful but also somewhat unachievable strength. The awe-inspiring charisma. This feeling of all-encompassing motherhood. The experiencing of secrets. The mystery of the Rhodopes is part of Sevinch herself: a wild flower that can only come to blossom there.


“I was born and raised in the village of Nova Mahala. This is where I live today too. The village is high in the Rhodopes, 1,300 metres above sea level. The air is pure, the water is cold, winters are snowy and long, and summers bathe in the sun. I feel as part of this nature. I rarely travel. I don’t like being away from here. You can’t be a tree without roots. Otherwise you will dry out.”


One of Sevinch’s most impressive qualities is the balance between her worldly nature and that higher knowledge that she possesses. This is also a balance between her encounters with so much injustice and her unfailing benevolence. This is the kind of balance that allows her to live with people’s grief, with the dark prophecies and the sometimes fearsome visions, and to still preserve that impressive vitality, that love for life, and her sense of duty that commands her to serve in the name of what is good in people.
Sevinch’s personality radiates wholesomeness and tranquility. She leaves you with the feeling that you have experienced a living spirit, a nature that is alive, and a world where the legends of the spiritual and mystical world of Bulgarians come to life.
Despite all inevitable change, the pace of time and our consumerist society, there is one woman living in that quiet village in the Rhodopes who keeps and carries that spiritual experience of the world that gives meaning to life and makes you feel whole.

“Faith in each and every one of us must be huge. Like an enormous light. We should always carry our faith and our belief in ourselves. Then the goal to be achieved must be placed high.”

Sevinch’s trust in the purity and strength of her power is impossible to break despite the currents of people who come to her with their problems and their pain; despite all changes that take place in the world; despite the ever growing injustice. That stability comes from her deep faith that good is power, that nature is strength, that all of us live with the mission to give and receive love. This is part of a long journey, and although it might seem difficult at times, it is very important that we live with peace in our souls and with love in our hearts.